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Mary was born in Northwestern Ontario, spending her first four years in Pigeon River, the border crossing between Canada and the United States.  Then the family moved to Dorion and began farming and logging.  At the age of twelve Mary was sent to Port Arthur to attend Port Arthur Collegiate. 

Her experiences as a farm girl, where she lived alone with her parents, farm animals, wolves, coyotes and two dogs; developed within her introspection, need for silence, and respect for nature.

Long winter hours were spent at her mother's knee learning to crochet, knit, embroider, tat, and bead.  These activities developed  hand-eye co-ordination which later benefited her career in the dental field and as a quilling artist. 

While struggling with the physical pain and prognosis of Spinal Stenosis she immersed herself in her art, often working 12 hours without rest.  With only one choice in sight she miraculously was offered some options.  With non invasive, alternate (but very old) drug free opportunities she stopped her pain and began to control her disease.  Mary has regained her independence, her sense of humour, and her passion for history. She constantly seeks new challenges in her chosen art. 

Mary has restored the lost art of quilling to 21st century.  She creates wearable and three dimensional designs. Her present challenge is to teach and share this art form so it will not disappear again. 

Mary has sold quilling art in Canada and Japan.  She has shown her art in Canada and the United States, along with creating commissioned pieces as permanent installations for museums and galleries.  She teaches quilling in private and group workshops.  

        Mary is a member of the Global Art League.


Awards Earned


 Honorable Mention
2010 Full wearable outfit entitled "Metamorphosis of Hope" Wearable Art Show, Black Berry Gallery Port Moody B.C. 




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